They don't call it a "park-like setting"
for nothing.

Sport Court® game courts give you everything
you need to play.

Yard-work gives way to play time, and Sport Court® game courts let you play almost every sport imaginable—from basketball and volleyball to roller hockey and tennis. And the maintenance-free game court surfaces are designed to “give” just enough to reduce injuries, while giving you the greatest place to play: your back yard.

You just choose the sport, and we'll get to
work on the court.

Northern Lights Landscaping can install your game court and get you ready for game night, including all the equipment and accessories you need:

  • Basketball hoops
  • Nets for racquet sports and volleyball
  • Goals for hockey
  • Batting cages
  • Rebounder systems
  • Lights for night games
  • Plus maintenance-free court surfaces!

The back nine in your back yard.

Grab your clubs and stroll out the back door. Sport Court® putting greens are made with thousands of nylon fibers that replicate Tour-quality greens, and they're custom-fit to your space. They're also designed with multiple holes, gentle undulations and synthetic rough for chipping.