We're nice people. But when it comes to plantings, we're anything but warm and sensitive.


Cold. And hardy. They define what it takes to live here in Zones 3 & 4. And when you're talking about the plantings you want to thrive in your landscape, they define just what you can and cannot do.

Climate is always the first consideration-not every plant grows in every setting. In Duluth, Minnesota, healthy trees and shrubs don't happen by accident; perennials and annuals don't grow vigorously just because you stick them in the ground; and everything is effected by your proximity to the big lake.

We know what does well here, because we're as tough as the temperature. And we're also experts when it comes to sunshine, shade, soil types, moisture and every other little thing that can make the crucial difference between a vibrant landscape and something that isn't nearly as nice.

We specialize in:

  • Climate-Hardy Trees, Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals
  • Decorative Mulches & Rock Groundcover
  • Feature Rocks
  • Edging Options
  • Obelisks & Feature Art