How often does the wall get to be the artwork?

Retaining Walls

Some people might look at a retaining wall as a purely functional object. After all, it's there to do a job: support a driveway or patio; handle a slope; help create flat, usable spaces in your yard. But when you use the right materials (and there are so many good ones to choose from) your retaining wall can support just as much form as it does function.

Choose from beautiful, natural boulders; fractured stone; modular concrete blocks; various types of wood; stone slabs-or practically any other solid material under the sun. Then just sit back and watch us work.

We've worked at this long enough to have an expert understanding of the two most important elements of wall construction: engineering and installation. It's a weight versus weight thing, and we know exactly what it takes to make your wall functionally last and perform as it should and, just as importantly, beautiful for years to come.